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Class Amigos
Reconnect with old classmates. Share class and school photos, find old amigos and stay in touch with family.
Polish Service Store
Wide variety of popular European products, send packages and money, get airline tickets, phone cards.
located in Atlantic City, NJ
Tax and Legal Services
How to file your income tax.
It's simple to prepare tax return by yourself.
Legal and immigration services.
Tax help and advice.
Atlantic City, NJ
Web Design and Information Management Systems
Advanced Site Search
Web Based Applications

Note that the Web Based Applications are currently available only to our customers that purchased Website Development Package.

QTWebManager Website Manager  QTWebManager Website Manager
The Website Managemeer is a control center of the website that is designed for a website administrator to have an easy access to website control panel, website statistics, tools and programs installed on the website.

QTMailer Email Agent  QTMailer Email Agent
The Email Agent program provides the ability to send individual as well as bulk emails to your customers. It integrates with the QTMailkeeper Mailing List and QTGuestbook Guest Book, so the administrator and privileged users could simply and easily send emails to all of the people that signed up for any particular mailing list.

QTMailkeeper Mailing List  QTMailkeeper Mailing List
The Mailing List application simply enables the website management to collect email and home addresses of visitors that want to sign up for various promotions, updates, newsletters, etc. When used with conjunction with QTMailer Email Agent, it provides ability to send bulk emails to all of the subscribers with few clicks of a button.

QTGuestbook Guest Book  QTGuestbook Guest Book
The Guest Book programs organizes user comments and remarks into esthetically designed list of entries sorted by date. User comments provide a lot of valuable information to the website owners. The program can be used as guest book or it can be configured to be used as an update log by the website management.

Applications under development

QTCount Website Visitor Counter
No description

QTGallery Picture Gallery Manager
No description

QTPress Article Manager
No description

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Auto Repair & Detailing
Xtream Automotive Auto Repair & Detailing
domestic and foreign cars and trucks repair and detailing
Pleasentville, NJ
Roesch Farm Corn Maze
Our corn maze is not just a walk in the stalks, it's adventure!
Get Lost in our
corn maze this weekend!
Galloway Twp, NJ